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White Flowers Yellow background Face Mask 

White Flowers Yellow background Face Mask 

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This face mask is the perfect choice for those looking for a stylish mask to wear that reflects who they are, as opposed to all those other plain and boring masks that simply hide the wearer’s personality. This face mask is designed to help block out dust, pollen, smoke, and other pollutants that can block skins pores and cause sickness and inflammation. The double-layer design helps in keeping out dust and other hazardous materials, as well as in keeping your breath and other things from spreading. Not only is this mask double-layered, but it also comes with a filter to put between the layers as well.

The filter is made from two layers of non-woven fabric, two layers of melt-blown fabric, and one layer of activated carbon to ensure that you are as protected as possible and your air is as filtered as possible (and it comes with an extra filter!). The size of this mask covers the nose and mouth of most adults, but the real noteworthy feature is its adjustable elastic ear loops. No more searching for a perfectly fitting mask, now you can adjust this gorgeous one to fit you precisely how you need it to!

The beautiful flowers that cover this mask are real eye-catchers, and help to add to your overall look rather than detract from it, as many other mask designs do. The delicate flowers convey a sense of freshness and youth and help to elevate and add a sense of elegance to virtually any outfit. The warm and sunny shade of yellow that sits behind the flowers works with the fine lines of the design and helps to make them stand out and complement the dotted center of the flowers in a way that allows the whole design to read as cohesive and seamless.

This reusable mask is bright, sunny, and an excellent choice for anyone looking to perk up their outfits or to add a bit of color to their wardrobe, while still maintaining as much protection and precaution as possible. It is high quality, made with sturdy fabric and sewn together with quality thread. It is comfortable to wear, with highly elastic customizable ear loops and rolled-finished edges. It is protective, with double-layered fabric and a five-layered filter. It is an excellent investment, and you are sure to be happy with your purchase! 

This White Flowers Yellow background Face Mask can effectively block small particles such as dust, haze, pollen, and can also help you prevent the spread of Covid-19, help you block saliva droplets, second-hand smoke, car exhaust, unpleasant smells, cold winter and so on. Protect the health of you and your family at any time! The mouth mask is environmentally friendly, economical, and suitable for daily use by people of all ages.

Package Includes:

1. one face mask

2. one extra filter

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