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Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth Whitening Kit

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The Teeth Whitening Kit efficiently whitens teeth with a simple multi-step method using the most advanced teeth whitening technology. You can use this treatment to whiten your teeth as appropriate, tailored to work around your schedule. You may not have to use it on consecutive days in order to see results, unlike most professional treatments. After our products, first application, several individuals experience whitening.No more costly sessions for teeth whitening. Our Teeth kit comes with enough gel for care at home. You're saving thousands of pounds. Safe: Proven outcomes rapidly and effectively. Secure and easy to use.

In certain foods and especially drinks, acids wear away the white enamel coating of your teeth. Soda, for example, is highly acidic and can begin to wear down its protective outer layer by leaving it sitting on your teeth on a regular basis. You will soon be rid of yellow stains and dark areas with the Professional Teeth Whitening Kit, which removes hard surface stains to give you a long-lasting bright white. As it whitens it makes teeth extra shiny, it will also nourish and reinforce teeth. In a few minutes, form the trays to match your teeth, and just add gel for a quick and easy smile. Following the very first injection, you will start seeing results.

Removes years of stains in just a few treatments for a sparkly white smile. Using the same dental-grade formula used by thousands of dentists in the United States and Europe saves money. This personalized teeth kit and solution comes with LED Light Treatment, and trays that custom-mold precisely to your mouth, ensuring that whitening is exactly the way and where you like, much more efficient than other whitening solutions. Skilled grade whitening gel Syringe efficiently whitens teeth with the first application beginning immediately! Workaround your schedule - as appropriate, you can use this method! You may not have to use it on consecutive days in order to see results, unlike most professional treatments. Although several individuals experience whitening after the first application!

Features :

  • ✅ Rapid and safe cold light technology.
  • ✅ The ideal whiting effect, and relaxing and easy to use.
  • ✅ Waterproof, convenient to clean, good quality, and leading in safety and hygiene.
  • ✅ Available for smartphones in ISO or Android OS, or with a USB port the product is ready for whiting your teeth at any time in any place, bringing a superior sense of care.


  • ✅ Rinse the mouth;​
  • ✅ Place a small thin line of gel with the syringe on the mouth tray;
  • ✅ Connect with Apple/Android Phone or USB port;
  • ✅ Place the tray into the mouth carefully, avoiding gel leaking into the gums.

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