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3 in 1 Sonic Vibration Dental Hygiene Tool

3 in 1 Sonic Vibration Dental Hygiene Tool

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The 3 in 1 led sonic vibration dental cleaner  is perfect for your teeth and smile. High-speed sonic vibration comes with 3 interchangeable heads that help to effectively remove stains on the teeth and massage the gums. The sonic vibration dental hygiene is easy to operate and grip. 30,000 sonic vibration strokes movement on the surface of the teeth together with whitening toothpaste, can after using for two weeks can reduce stains and tartar or improve the appearance of teeth, just after one use.


The 3 in 1 toothbrush vibration dental hygiene tool can only clean the visible surface of your teeth, this product can also prevent dental plaque and dental calculus, if you insist on using. Tooth polisher can also help whiten teeth and massage gums, gum vibration can help regulate blood circulation around your teeth to keep teeth white and healthy.


Plaque is harmful to the mouth and can stick to the teeth and along the gum line which can cause gum disease. By polishing teeth you can prevent the growth of plaque and tartar. The built-in led light can help you find out the exact spot of the stain and clean it just by pressing the power button. In addition to removing debris to keep your teeth clean, the 3 in 1 tooth polisher can also help whiten your teeth and massage the gum, the vibration to the gum can help regulate the blood circulation around your mouth to keep your teeth white and healthy.



  • ✅ Fast and easy to use.
  • ✅ Super 6000 MCD LED light;
  • ✅ IC regulator for energy saving for 10 hours working;
  • ✅ See immediate results, safe and effective.
  • ✅ Gently lifts off tough surface stains.
  • ✅ Rubber Dental Pick allows to clean and massage the gum light and interdental gap gently without hurting



  • The default mode is steady.
  • Press 1 time the button, the LED light will be ON
  • Press 2 times the button, the LED light is ON and Vibration is also ON
  • Press 3 times the button, the machine will be OFF


Package includes:

  • 1 machine(with batteries)
  • 3 pcs Head
  • There are 3 parts for interchangeable:
  • 1. Soft rubber dental pick
  • 2. Rubber sand Stain Eraser - rounded head
  • 3. Rubber san stain eraser - point head

Note: Keep the internal dry, use a soft cloth to clean, you can disinfect this item with alcohol below 75 degrees, never over 75 degrees.


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